Transformational learning with Kristin Barbour

Transformational learning with Kristin Barbour

On today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast, I’ll be interviewing guest Kristin Barbour about her work using transformational learning to help kids with disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.  We’ll discuss her background and interest in understanding human cognition and its ability to be changed with education over time.  So hang onto your hats and get ready to dive deep for today’s episode.

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Kristin, who joins us from Chesapeake, Virginia,  is currently the Executive Director of The National Institute for Learning Development.  She’ll take us back to how she got her start helping kids while working in Social Services and how she moved on to become a Speech Pathologist working for a Children’s Hospital.  Kristin explains it was there that she discovered her interest in the brain’s structure and function, and how it can be improved with targeted intervention.  We’ll discuss how this therapy can help a child overcome a disability or brain injury and the work of the NILD.  Be sure to join us for today’s enlightening episode and find out why Kristin says “Chromosomes do not have the last word.”

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