The whole topic of “Mission, Vision, and Values” may sound awfully corporate, but on the flipside, the best organizations appear to have clear mission, vision, and values (thanks to Jim Collins and many others for helping us understand why we need these).   We want you to know what to expect from Innovation Academy and our programs.  These are ideals.  We are striving hard everyday to live up to them.  They are an oracle we consult when we lose our bearings.  For us they more than just words on a page.


Innovation Academy is on a Mission to develop innovators on purpose. Innovators occasionally arise by accident, but the hard problems facing this generation (water, food, energy, space, etc.) require a more purposeful approach. We pursue our mission by providing environments, opportunities, tools, and mentoring to intentionally develop dedicated innovators intent on positive, proactive world-change.


Innovation Academy has a Vision of a world where any challenge we face is proactively understood and tackled by a group of dedicated innovators. We see a bright future where humans, technology, and our natural world mutually enhance one another through hard work and dedicated development by innovators. We see technology becoming more human and more in sync with nature, inspiring us to be better versions of ourselves. Throughout, we see young innovators exploring their curiosity and contributing in powerful, meaningful ways to build an abundant future.

Reality Check

At Innovation Academy we understand the future painted above is not our current reality. It is a reality which must be built by dedication and hard work. Yet the core factor in developing such a positive future is the development of young innovators who want to see a similar future, work hard to become equal to the task, and begin building that future today.

There are two main factors giving us hope for this future.

  1. Young minds consistently prompted to curiosity and determination rise to the challenge.
  2. By imagining a better future, the human mind naturally begins to find ways of creating it.

Even though our best science does not currently understand the human mind, we know the above two statements are true. Innovation Academy believes we have barely scratched the surface of human potential. Our ancestors had no idea our modern world could spring from the minds of their kids. At the Innovation Academy, we believe our kids will surprise us in the same way with even more astounding results.

While we use cool tech at Innovation Academy, the driving factor in technology is human ingenuity.

Bet on humans and their potential. You will not be disappointed.


Innovation Academy strives to live up to the following Values

  • The teen years are a unique and special time of life, and we will work WITH rather than AGAINST nature to develop the inner innovator.
  • We continuously seek better, more powerful ways to teach, learn, and innovate.
  • We relentlessly pursue the latest innovations in order to stay relevant and provide powerful tools for students.
  • Outrageous customer service (try us out and if we fail, please do us the favor of teaching us how to do it better).
  • Mutual respect–for each other, for creativity, for all that sustains us.
  • Encourage and fascinate rather than criticize.
  • Do-it-together (rather than “Do-it-yourself”).
  • Help students discover they can do more than they ever imagined.
  • Construct easier ways to find the innovator’s path.
  • To thine own self be true (regardless of it’s dubious meaning by Shakespeare).

 To learn more about us, read our About Us page.

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