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Innovation Academy is always looking for proactive, engaged, teachable, and most importantly curious people who are willing to adopt an Innovation Mindset and are driven by a desire to be excellent, make a difference in the lives of others, and make valuable contributions to our quickly growing organization! 

When you become part of the Innovation Academy team, you can be assured that you are partnering with an enthusiastic, energetic, and at times, just a little crazy, group of people who are dedicated to the art of bringing curiosity alive for students, parents, and educators nationwide!

Here’s a little about us and who we are:

  • Intentional Learning: Our learning is designed by the best –  a PhD physicist (Steve) and an Education Technologist (Debby) – based on a solid foundation of constructivist pedagogy.
  • Model of Innovation: Innovation Academy has been asked 5 years in a row to be the “Model” for Innovation at the “Model Schools Conference” (Nashville, Orlando 2x, Atlanta, Washington DC)
  • National Perspective: Innovation Academy has facilitated camps and workshops in California, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.
  • In-Demand Experts: Innovation Academy has designed and facilitated events for districts and county education offices (Apple Valley, Burbank, and Conejo Unified School Districts; Inyo/Mono, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Shasta, and Trinity Offices of Education), small schools (Ojai CA, Temecula CA, Hartford CT, Walworth WI, and Murphy NC), university staff and programs (Cal State Channel Islands, Pepperdine University, Southern Adventist University), and presented at numerous conferences and organizations (including Google LA, International Society for Technology in Education, Northwest Council for Computer Education, CUE, Expanding Your Horizons, Inside 3D Printing, 3D Printer World Expo, CHEA, Valley Home Educator’s Conference, California Homeschool Network Family Expo).

  • Upward Growth: We have almost doubled every year in some way (revenue, # students, and #staff)

Learn more about Innovation Academy as a company by visiting our About Us page and more about our programs by visiting our Aspiring Innovator page.

A Culture of Innovation – the Power of a Name

Innovation Academy… we almost don’t need to say much more to communicate our mission to a parent, student, or visitor. Everything we do encourages innovation and innovative thinking. Our name embodies the mission.

To innovate, we need a mind free to explore possibilities and an environment to foster curiosity and develop creative possibilities. On the other hand, the word “No!” hurts creativity when spoken too often. “No” gets in the way of innovation while “yes” smooths the way. 

“Yes” can’t be allowed to sanction disrespect, so we need a culture where BOTH “yes” AND respect coexist. To create a respectful innovative “culture of yes”, we all bring our “A-game” to the table. Showing up as our best selves allows “Yes!” most of the time. Innovation thrives in a culture of “Yes!”

We will constantly be testing new ways of encouraging a culture of “YES!”, Respect, Empathy, Hard Work, Fun, Wisdom, Curiosity, Creativity, Ownership, Initiative, Action, Productive Risk, Thinking, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, and Excellence (see the Innovation Mindset). Culture starts at the top and infuses as it goes. As staff, WE are the most important ambassadors of Innovation Culture.

Innovation Academy - Work Hard, Play Hard!

Innovation Academy - Work Hard, Play Hard!

How to apply

Please submit a resume (PDF format) or online portfolio link, and prepare a 2–3 minute video introduction of yourself which answers the following questions:

  1. What SPECIFIC skills do you have (ie. you use them regularly)?
  2. Why would you like to work with Innovation Academy?
  3. What makes you curious?
  4. What was the last thing you broke?

Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram. Send both your resume/portfolio and the video link to

Helpful Links:

Current Openings

What kind of team members are we looking for? This video describes it the best:

Thank you to John Spencer for capturing our perfect team member – “you’re always exploring, always experimenting, always innovating. That’s what makes the journey so amazing.”

Victor Valley College students can earn transferable credit while gaining work experience! See the VVC Cooperative Education page for details or ask about it in your application email. However, all students are encouraged to apply.

Business Development Intern

Innovation Academy - Business Development Intern

Description: Assist in the development of a new marketing strategy and the creation of improved marketing content. Identify and contact prospective customers or partner companies. Perform data analysis on the effectiveness of various social media campaigns and website optimization. Market research and SWOT analysis on competition. Outbound lead generation activities through emails and phone calls. Have curiosity and initiative to learn new skills (deadline series, product launch formula, branding, hero’s journey format, etc).

Qualifications:  Must be a self-motivated, self-directed, curious high school or college student, preferably one seeking a career in marketing, business, public relations or a related field.

Marketing & Public Relations Intern

Innovation Academy - Marketing & Pubic Relations Intern

Job Description:  Create engaging social media and blog content. Curate and execute a weekly social media calendar and strategy across platforms. Actively manage and promote our brand by posting industry relevant articles on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Support the day-to-day operations of the Marketing Department as needed. Have curiosity and initiative to learn new skills (other SM platforms, SM marketing strategy, email marketing, podcasting, vodcasting, etc)

Qualifications:  Must be a self-motivated, self-directed, curious high school or college student, preferably one seeking a career in marketing and public relations.

Teaching Assistant Intern

Innovation Academy - Teaching Assistant Intern

Job Description:  Create and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum directly connected to the interests and development of children and youth supported by learning foundations and promotes positive child/youth development. Create, implement and maintain intentional, enriched and supportive learning environments connected to curriculum and quality experiences that are appropriate. Provide excellent customer service by establishing and maintaining authentic connections and reciprocal, culturally responsive relationships with children, youth, families, schools, communities and center/classroom team. Work collaboratively with each other connecting work place values, education and experience to provide the highest quality programs and creative workplaces.

Qualifications:  Must be a self-motivated, self-directed, curious high school or college student, preferably one seeking a career in Child Development or those seeking a teaching career.

Technical Writing Intern

Innovation Academy - Technical Writing Intern

Job Description:  Support development of customer-facing technical content, company-facing technical content/processes, and other technical content including updates to proposals/estimates, project management/execution documents, and tools. Interface with management and team members to develop required templates and documents. Effectively re-use technical information to develop proposals, technical, and non-technical documents. Edit, standardize, or make changes to materials prepared by subject matter experts. Have curiosity and initiative to learn new skills (copy writing, proposal writing, patent writing, etc).

Qualifications:  Must be a self-motivated, self-directed, curious high school or college student, preferably one seeking a career in business, business education, technical writing or a related field.

Web/Graphic Design Intern

Innovation Academy - Web & Graphic Design Intern

Job Description:  Participate in the brainstorming and creation of concepts. Create, update, and edit web pages. Edit photos and/or create illustrations for our website. Design JPEG and PDF product advertisements. Have curiosity and initiative to learn new skills (image, video, audio, VR, AR, etc).

Qualifications:  Must be a self-motivated, self-directed, curious high school or college student, preferably one seeking a career in computer science, graphic design or a related field.

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