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Specific episodes of interest

  • Tony Wagner (#75)
    • Tony is an expert in residence at Harvard University’s Innovation Lab and an extremely innovative educator. He has seen the shift to the “Innovation Economy” and has captured the thoughts of the country’s business leaders on how to navigate into this new space. It is no accident that the innovative approaches Table Top Inventing are bringing to tech education brought us into contact.
  • Mark Stoleson (#64)
    • Mark is the CEO of Legatum, a global private investment firm, and we discuss the tension between professional ambition and serving others.
  • Kristin Barbour (#53)
    • Kristin is the Executive Director of the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD), and we discuss the ability to get smarter–“cognitive development” in professional terms.  You may be surprised by this episode.
  • Yong Zhao (#41)
    • Dr. Zhao is a professor, author, and well-known speaker, and we discuss his journey from the fields as a poor farmer in China to the campus of major universities in the United States.  His analysis of educational comparisons between the US and China are very enlightening.
  • Gray Bright (#30)
    • Gray Bright is an engineer turned entrepreneur and entertainer.  Our discussion about the fun of making and inventing has the highest energy of any of our other podcast episodes.
  • Jonathan Butcher (#22)
    • Dr. Jonathan Butcher is a professor at Cornell.  His background in engineering give him a unique perspective on biological challenges such as 3D printing the first fully human-cell-based heart valve.  Along with his graduate student Daniel Cheung, we discuss some heady concepts in both biology and engineering.
  • Linda Polin (#8 and #65)
    • Dr. Polin is a professor in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology at Pepperdine University, and we discuss how to take back education from the politicians and corporate world.  The average teacher is a powerful resource and learning the noblest of professions.
  • David Thornburg (#2)
    • Dr. Thornburg has been a tech wizard since his days at PARC and now heads the Thornburg Institute.  We discuss his journey from a kid labeled as deficient to a recognized expert in technical education.
  • Francesco Ferazzino (#33)
    • Francesco is a software coder, digital strategist, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of Proxy42, Inc.  We discuss virtual reality, augmented reality and how their company is impacting the space.
  • Ed Kless (#47)
    • Ed is the Senior Director for Partnership Development and Strategy at the Verasage Institute, and we discuss some deep aspects of education and learning.
  • Michael Wesch (#25)
    • Dr. Wesch is a digital anthropologist, and we discuss the implications of technology on learning in our modern culture.
  • Lee Cockerell (#38)
    • Lee is a former Executive VP for Walt Disney World in Florida.  We discuss his journey from a farmer’s kid to the executive boardroom.

Videos of students in action

Photos of students and Innovation Academy classrooms

Mentoring and Teaching
Students learning to code (Steve on right).
Design Thinking
Teaching high school educators “Design Thinking” (Ojai, Steve on left)
Debby Teaching
Intense Innovation Discussion (Debby on right).
Rainbow Of 3D Printers
A few of our 3D printers (10 of them in rainbow colors)
Ohms Law
Working out Ohm’s law with a student
Inventor Camp
Inventor Camp students programming their microprocessor and testing.

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