Purpose of an Education Podcast

What is the Purpose of an Education?

You may have noticed that we have been on hiatus for quite a while now. Life has been very busy for our Innovation Academy team between traveling around the country offering Innovation Tech Camps in places like Nashville TN, Orlando FL, and Washington DC to developing our Curious Kids Tech & Science program for Southern California homeschoolers to mentoring teens from all around the country in our Innovation Challenge program. It’s been quite an adventure!!

Steve is getting ready to relaunch the Innovation Podcast in 2020 focusing on developing real innovators on purpose. Until we return, please enjoy over 90 previous guests as they answer the question – “What is the purpose of an education?“. A full index of episodes can be found [here]. 


About the Purpose of an Education Podcast
Our mission is to develop REAL innovators on purpose. Every week we interview successful entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, innovators, and thought-leaders about their education and experiences. If you want to know how great innovators think, listen in to the Table Top Inventing* podcast. Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

*In 2018 we rebranded the company from Table Top Inventing to Innovation Academy to better reflect our mission, vision, and purpose.

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