Release Statements

Photo, Media and Copyright Release

I, the undersigned, being the legal guardian of the child listed on the registration form, grant to Innovation Academy, hereinafter IA, and their agents, the right to use his/her photograph, likeness, video or voice recording with or without his/her first name (last names will not be used without permission), for broadcast or publication in any and all media. I hereby release any claims of copyright, libel, slander, violation of privacy or similar rights that I may have. There is no expiration date on this release; I will not seek compensation for usage. IA will exercise appropriate discretion in all media. 

Code of Conduct

All students are expected to be active, engaged, self-disciplined participants in all workshop activities, whether in-person or online. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a gentlemanly or ladylike fashion at all times while participating in IA sponsored events. Violence, foul language, rude behavior, taunting, vandalism, and any other illegal, disrespectful, or unacceptable behavior are grounds for immediate dismissal. Adult participants will be asked to leave and students will have to be picked up by their parents immediately and may forfeit participation in the rest of the session. 

Liability Release

Students may be handling electronic components, which may contain lead. Students may learn how to process 3D printed objects, which may involve using sharp tools. The process of 3D printing involves melting ABS and/or PLA plastic, (ABS contains styrene, a chemical known in the state of California to cause cancer). All due caution will be exercised in the design of the learning environment and students will be taught appropriate safety procedures; however, due to the nature of the learning activities, some injuries may occur. A first aid kit will be on site to take care of most issues.

Students in online classes may be using online resources including, but not limited to, web pages, video services, social media, messaging applications, video conference software, email, texting, and phone services.  While participating in classes, IA will seek to ensure the safety and anonymity of students, but as with all online services, there are risks to the privacy of any transmitted data whether audio, video, typed, or any other format transmissible on the internet.  I/we assume the risks of using any digital or analog tools necessary to participate in online classes. 

Online classes may also include at-home learning activities involving risks to students and others including, but not limited to, sharp objects, hot surfaces, dangerous chemicals, dangerous high pressures, explosives, fire hazards, and online activities.  I/we assume any and all risks to students and others in the process of at-home projects done as a result of class activities.

The undersigned participant and his/her parent/legal guardian do hereby waive, release, absolve, forever discharge, and do further agree to indemnify and hold Innovation Academy (IA), its employees, trustees, officers, volunteers, and agents  harmless from all claims, damages, losses and/or expenses arising out of participation in IA activities.  I/we assume all liability for any and all personal injury, bodily injury, illness or property damage that occurs as a result of participation in such activities.  I/we also agree that we will not bring any lawsuits nor make any demands nor pursue any complaints against IA as a result of his/her participation in IA activities. 

Agreement to this Release also warrants that participation in this activity is voluntary and the participant and undersigned have read and understand the inherent risks involved in the activities.  The participant understands that these risks exist despite the safety precautions and procedures implemented by IA.  The participant agrees to obey all rules and policies mandated by IA personnel. The undersigned participant and his/her parent/legal guardian warrant that the participant is physically fit and able to participate in all activities without undue risk.  


Innovation Academy (IA) accepts charter school purchase orders and certificates as a courtesy to the family. It is your responsibility to follow through with your charter school to ensure IA receives payment documentation in a timely manner. We prefer to receive this by the start date of the class, but can make arrangements to accept it later. Once a student has attended the first class period, parents are responsible for paying the full amount of the session, either through charter funds or personal funds, even if the student does not complete all class periods. Attendance at the first class period indicates acceptance of these terms.

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