Developing Innovators Webcast

Are you 15-25 and looking for Significance?

Feeling Stuck or Stifled?

Watch the Developing Innovators webcast to learn from the wisdom and experience of successful innovators such as the Information Technologist who started with only a $50 investment, the mompreneur who started a spinning dress company, and the career consultant who has never had a real job because he’s always had a business.

These are REAL people with valuable stories and practical insights into how they got here today from being a young adult with plans and dreams.  Today more than ever, we need this kind of wisdom when the average job only lasts a couple of years, and today’s young adults are likely to have 10-15 jobs over the course of a career–nothing like what we learn from traditional wisdom or even from our parents.

The world is changing and we need the best information for facing the future.


001 – Steve and Keaton – Other Paths

In our first Episode of the Developing Innovators webcast, Keaton and I (Steve Kurti) discuss the reasons for this show. First off, you shouldn’t watch this show because I have a PhD in physics, designed laser weapons, or started a company dedicated to figuring out how to learn innovation.


002 – Dan Miller – Taking Your Own Path

Dan Miller is a lifelong entrepreneur. As he says, “I’ve never really had a job.” This man has decades of experience starting businesses and coaching other successful individuals into even more successful and fulfilling lives. You shouldn’t miss this episode.

You can learn more about Dan at

His book “48 Days to the Work You Love” can be found at along with many other resources by Dan and his team.


003 – Cynthia Jamin – Acting, Sewing, and Entrepreneurs

Cynthia Jamin is an actor turned entrepreneur. She loves to brighten up the lives of girls who love spinning dresses. Her site is home to dreams and princesses and rainbows.

You can learn more about Cynthia’s story here:


004 – Alex Huthmacher – Information Technology and Networking Path

Alex Huthmacher is an information technology (IT) professional who did NOT take the normal path into IT. In fact, he spent less than $100 to get started, and if you want to know how, just listen to this episode.

You can learn more about Alex here:



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