Life Lessons and Innovation with Phil Drake

Life Lessons and Innovation with Phil Drake

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”?  What tools come to mind with that phrase? Maybe computers?   Phil Drake, today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast guest, had that thought too as he was looking for ways to automate his father’s accounting business.  Only it was back in 1977 and the first computers were moved around on carts.   Listen in and find out what it was like learning to using the first computers and other life lessons with this innovative businessman.

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Phil is an extra special guest since he hails from my hometown in Franklin, North Carolina, and let me tell you, he is quite the entrepreneur.  Phil is the owner of 13 businesses, one of which is  He was learning how to programming computers before programming was cool.  (Talk about being innovative!)  Phil will share how he went from being a teacher, to working in his father’s accounting business, to where he is today.  He’ll discuss the ups and downs and life lessons he learned along the way.  Join us for some sound advice on today’s episode!


Keep on Innovating!

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