The ultimate quest with Ed Kless

The ultimate quest with Ed Kless

Have you wondered what drives some people to stratospheric success while others slowly fade into mediocrity?  We explore the foundation of these two paths in today’s Table Top Inventing Podcast episode. What is the ultimate quest?  You’ll have to listen in for the answer.

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Ed Kless, our guest today, comes to us from the great state of Texas!  Along with hosting a weekly talk radio show called “The Soul of Enterprise”, he is a senior fellow at the Verasage Institute, and the Senior Director of Partner Development and Strategy at Sage.  We’ll philosophize about education, discuss Ed’s educational journey, and explore his lifelong pursuit of asking better questions.  Ed will share with us how he developed his inquiry skills and his perspective on the purpose of an education.

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Keep On Innovating!

Steve Kurti

P.S. All of us at Table Top Inventing would like to thank you all for your support during this summer’s Inventor’s Bootcamps!  We had a blast with each group of kids and were blown away by their creativity! Check out all of the camp pics and videos on our facebook page at:

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