088 – Designing Success with Tracy Hazzard

088 – Designing Success with Tracy Hazzard

Designing Success with Tracy Hazzard

My 7 year old is already starting to 3D print, and I believe an introduction to 3D printing is required in every classroom. It’s not a technology we can just ignore… I believe this is one of the technologies girls will love, and that’s one of the things that drives me. –Tracy Hazzard

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In This Episode

  • How does a young lady pursuing a career in biogenetics find herself a successful artist?

  • How can a small company file a lawsuit against a huge company without getting crushed?

  • How do you fall in love with 3D printing after avowing never to use it?

The stories behind these curious juxtapositions are waiting for you in today’s podcast.

Welcome to the Table Top Inventing podcast. I am Steve Kurti, aka “the Mad Scientist”, and I’m pretty jazzed about something that happened this last week.

We just finished up our first Inventor Camp of 2016 in Apple Valley, CA, last Thursday, but on Wednesday while we were in full swing, I had the coolest thing happen.

One of the challenges this year involves binary numbers, byte conversions, and ASCII tables. If you’re a techno geek, you’ll get those references, but if you’re not, those are terms for how the data moves around in your computer, cell phone, and the internet. I wanted the kids to see under the hood so-to-speak and see that things aren’t really as mysterious as they seem.

I was talking to Lilli and Trevor who were tasked with programming up a little solution for encoding letters and numbers into binary, and Lilli was telling me about how her program worked. She was pretty excited that she could look at the 8-bit represented by the LED lights and look up the letter on a chart.

I turned to Trevor to ask him if he knew what they needed to do next. He answered,

“Yup. I’ll get to that in a minute, but right now…


It was so awesome and so funny, I had a fit of laughter on the spot. That is what I love to see: Kids with their imagination on fire. 

3D HazzDesign Girl_Table Top Inventing PodcastToday’s guest, Tracy Hazzard, also loves to see kids with their imagination on fire. Tracy is the CEO of Hazz Design Consulting, a design company headquartered in Orange County, CA. Let’s find out how Tracy is igniting the imagination. 

Tracy said my favorite phrase “Successful Failure”. We have a dozen different ways to say this same thing: “failing forward”, “Failure is the first step to success”, and a host of others. The basic idea is to stop being so afraid of being wrong or of making a mistake along the way.

Anything big requires learning, and true learning always starts by being bad at something before being really good at it. If you want your kids to experience “successful failure”, check out Inventor Camp at TTInvent.com.

Let’s Ignite more Imagination.


Parents AND students both tell us, “We can’t believe how much learning happened in just 4 days!”

We want to help you and your kids create the future!

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Guest Bio

 Tracy Hazzard is CEO of design firm Hazz Design and co-­designer of  250+ consumer products bought everyday generating almost $1 billion  for her clients. Through her Inc. magazine column, By Design she  pushes companies of all sizes to strategically and tactically design in  success and accelerate business growth through innovation. Tracy co­hosts the WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast, the start point for the next  industrial revolution. hazzdesign_Table Top Inventing Podcast

Tracy has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in Textile Design and has worked directly for Malcolm Baldridge award-winning companies like Milliken & Herman Miller as well as consulted with or developed designs in the US, Europe, Canada and Asia for well-known brands like Martha Stewart Living and Costco. Her expertise has been featured in magazines such as Working Woman, Wired, Interiors and Fortune Small Business, as well as authored articles on color and design featured in ICON and Archi-Tech magazines.

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Additional Notes

Connect with Tracy:

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Favorite Quote

“Hope is not a plan.”


Ms. Mauthe ­ she was the first Ms. I ever came in contact with and the  first woman I knew who flew planes. Interestingly enough though, it  was a painting of her in an art class that only occurred once a month  that showed my potential in art and design. 


We make things every day ­right now we are working on educational  examples of the potential for 3d printed products that don’t look like  plastic junk.


I am bolstering my selling skills through a book and on­line course  called Velocity Selling. We have to sell ourselves, our projects and our  wares every day, so why not be great at it? 


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