059 – Teen Microbusiness with Carol Topp

059 – Teen Microbusiness with Carol Topp

Carol Topp- Podcast

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In This Episode

What is a microbusiness?  What lessons can teenagers learn by running a microbusiness?  Can teens run successful, money-making microbusinesses?  Join us today to discover more about teens with microbusinesses.

This is the podcast where we discuss success and innovation for teenagers.  No spoiler alerts today, but if you are interested in teenagers getting a jump start, stay locked in here!  

I remember reading an article several years back that discussed the dilemma of being a modern teen. In ages past, societies considered teens to be adults, and expected them to step up into the adult world and prove their worth to the society.  If we observe the teenager, we see the deep desire for significance.

Yet in the modern system of education, teens are asked to solve problems and challenges with little or no lasting value.  With apologies to my own fields of study, solving for x or finding the equations of motion of an already well-known set of differential equations just feels hollow and thin.

How do we navigate this juxtaposition between a teenager’s internal drive for significance and the typical 4 years (and possibly another 4 year in college) of knowledge gathering which seems disconnected from reality?  I’ll look up the article and post it in the show notes, but the conclusion of the article was to restructure our expectations and opportunities we offer during these years filled with passion and purpose.

On the podcast we discuss an alternative to our modern conundrum of how to keep teens engaged in meaningful education.  Carol Topp is an Engineer turned accountant–I know that’s an unusual shift.  In the last few years, she has worked with many teens in her accounting practice, helping them structure what she likes to call a “microbusiness”.  The experiences and learning that occurs in a microbusiness can be a great catalyst toward adding significance to the otherwise “dry learning” teens dread.  Let’s find out more about Carol’s experience and explore some new possibilities.


About Carol

Carol Topp and LogoCarol Topp, CPA (MicroBusinessForTeens.com) is an author and accountant who has mentored dozens of teenagers to launch a micro business. She is the host of the public television show Micro Business For Teens: Starting a Micro Business and the author of 11 books including the Micro Business for Teens series, Business Tips and Taxes
for Writers and Teens and Taxes. Carol makes frequent appearances at entrepreneurship education and parenting conferences. She owns her own accounting business specializing in tax preparation, small business start ups, and non-profit

She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two daughters, who both had several micro businesses as teenagers.

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What is the Purpose of an Education?

“The purpose of an education is to use the gifts you’ve been given for the greater good.“  –-Carol Topp

“Education is life learning experiences that take you to the next step in your life to whatever you’re called to do next.”Carol Topp

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Carol‘s Favorite Quote

“There is no failure. Only feedback.” –Robert Allen

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About Teachers 

Some of the teenagers I work with teach me a lot. They teach me creativity, clarity, and perseverance.

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 Something Carol has made recently:

A watercolor painting of pumpkins.

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Something Carol has learned recently:



Additional Notes



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Full Text Transcript – Coming Soon!

042“I don’t remember (Carol’s parents) them emphasizing education, it was just assumed.  It was just assumed that you were going to college.  And I think I did that with my own kids too, well when you go to college, not if.” —Carol Topp

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