057 – Second Chances with Corey Howard

057 – Second Chances with Corey Howard

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In This Episode

There is a crossroads in middle school.  Failing to navigate them can be disastrous.
Students who struggle with math in middle school stand at a crossroads, and watch as career options slowly erode.  Do you know any of those students?  Have you ever personally felt the frustration of math limbo? 
Imagine physically standing at a crossroads and watching as one road is suddenly choked by thick undergrowth creeping across while from another road a forbidding figure in black steps across your path.
I have personally watched my daughter struggle with the frustration of having the math road blocked. As a parent it hurts to see this happen.
Our guest on the podcast struggled with math in middle school and experienced the road block. However, he experienced a one-in-a-thousand opportunity to come back to the crossroads and choose a different path. His mission in life now is to keep the cross roads open for as many middle schoolers as possible.
Today’s podcast is an opportunity for a second chance.  In fact, we hear second chance stories on our podcast quite frequently.  If you know a teenager or a parent with a teen who needs a second math chance, subscribe to the TTI podcast in iTunes and share it with others.
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About Corey

057 - Corey Howard - r2d2Hello! My name is Corey and I am a brand new Math teacher at John
Muir Middle School in Burbank, California. I love bringing new ideas into my classroom that will help students feel less anxious about Math.

Being a recent graduate of Pepperdine’s Learning Technologies program, I have seen first hand how technology can help students see the value of Math in everyday life. My hope is that all my students always feel valued and leave my classroom seeing the beauty of the patterns present in Math.

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What is the Purpose of an Education?

“The purpose of an education is allowing people to realize their dreams.” Corey Howard

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About Teachers 

As a first year teacher, I am constantly in awe of the teaching of those around me at Muir Middle School. Their passion for teaching, insight into what motivates students, and constant service to students is my biggest inspiration.

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 Something Corey has made recently:

My class is working in conjunction with the Social Studies department to create 3D models of ancient Chinese inventions. The last print was a working abacus.

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Something Corey has learned recently:

I meet with a group of people every Wednesday night to discuss the finer issues in life. This week we discussed the relationship between compassion and listening. It struck me in our conversation that few people actively listen to one another in conversation anymore, yet wants to come off as compassionate. I learned in our conversation how to better capture capture compassion in conversation through active listening. It’s something that most of us know, but a little reminder every now and then is helpful :).


Additional Notes


  • Email: coreyahoward@me.com

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Full Text Transcript – Coming Soon!

“Education gets you from A to B.  It allows people to wrestle with things they love and figure out what they’re passionate about and get there.” -Corey Howard

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