055 – Creating Excellence with Jim McKinley

055 – Creating Excellence with Jim McKinley

Jim McKinely- podcast

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In This Episode

How do you keep a business running for 50 years?  How valuable is a good reputation?  What is the value of premium products in today’s market?  Join us as we consider the value of quality on today’s podcast.

This is the podcast where we talk innovation.  Today’s guest innovates the old-fashioned way, and I think you are going to like Jim.  I don’t normally start my introduction right off this way, but after speaking with Jim, it seemed appropriate.

Jim’s dad started a small job shop 70 years ago, and Jim and his brother Bob turned that small machine shop into a stable business over the last 50 years.  They’ve weathered economic upturns, downturns, and major customer orders going south.  Their company is built around good old fashioned hard work and high quality.  Their products are well-known to outlast the competition by a long shot.

I got a funny feeling as I was interviewing Jim because his approach to quality and supplying a premium product felt very close to home.  If I could build a business to last 50 years around high quality and no compromise, I would be very proud.  As the founder of Table Top Inventing, I found myself taking careful notes!

Small businesses like McWelco are getting more rare these days, but great wisdom is sometimes stored in strange places.  Today, Jim McKinley tells us about how they survived 50 years and what he feels are the important values of a strong business and a successful life.


About Jim

truckbedJim McKinley, along with his brother Bob, run Mcwelco products which has been around for over 50 years.  They custom manufacture  high end truck accessories such tool boxes and racks.  The business was started by their father as a job shop over 70 years ago and is now a well known name in the construction, service, and recreation markets.  Mcwelco products are so well made that customers often find that the product outlasts the truck.

Jim is a life long resident of California and his business has been in it’s current location for 34 years. 



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Jim‘s Favorite Quote:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” —Jim’s mother

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Jim’s thoughts on business:

“If you don’t listen to your customers, your customers won’t listen to you.” — Jim McKinley

“Do things that make good business sense instead of what you want to do.” –Jim McKinley


Additional Notes


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