031 – Maker Learning with Pepperdine MALT

031 – Maker Learning with Pepperdine MALT


031 - Pepperdine Collage


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In This Episode

How can 3D printers be used to enhance learning? What is the role of a teacher? What doors does our digital world open to us?

Hey there, Innovation Nation! Today you get to see behind the curtain at Table Top Inventing a little as Debby Kurti and I visit with students from her alma mater.  Several “Debby-isms” pop up in this episode which reminds me of one of Debby’s favorite quotes by Socrates:

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”

Looking in from the outside, we tend to see education as a wise sage standing at the front of a room doling out knowledge to the attentive rows of students at their desks.  However for thousands of years, some have believed that education is fundamentally an internal and very personal pursuit.  That philosophy is at the core of what we do at Table Top Inventing:  students need a great environment, engaging tools, and space to explore.  To find out how you or your child can sample such an experience this summer, visit http://www.TTInvent.com/BootcampNow or you can just visit http://www.TTInvent.com and click the Inventor’s Bootcamp button.

Today on the show we have a panel of 4 students from the Pepperdine Master of Arts in Learning Technologies or “MALT” as the insiders call it.  We take a deep dive on the role of a teacher and the power of maker technologies in the learning environment. Listen in!

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About Simon

Simon Petrie is a Training Manager, and Microsoft Certified Trainer, at Irell & Manella LLP. His focus is maintaining relevant skill sets for staff,  technical writing and roll-out of all IT initiatives. Additionally, he is the administrator of the Firm’s eLearning platform and creates full-scope delivery of new eLearning modules along with continuing education classes and one-on-one custom sessions. You may have heard his voice on the cartoon What’s New Scooby Doo? or seen his face in a few commercials. He uses his skills from 15 years as an actor to bring liveliness and engagement to all who come to training.

Simon is committed to several charities and recently completed the AIDS/LifeCycle – a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for those living with HIV/AIDS. He is also an avid fabric artist and makes quilts for the patients of City of Hope. You can also find him performing stand-up storytelling around Los Angeles every now and then. A graduate of Skidmore College and Santa Monica College, Simon is finishing up his Master’s in Learning Technologies at Pepperdine this summer. Contrary to popular opinion, his final Master’s project will NOT be to use a Raspberry Pi to create “Taser Gloves” to deliver swift justice.

About Mars

Mars Severe discovered his passion for teaching began when he taught his first children’s Bible Study. He has always believed that learning should be fun and relevant. Everything he has learned this year (in the MALT program) confirms for him that teachers need to broaden their scope on how to interact with students. He hopes to be part of that change.

About Brian

Brian Song first became aware of his love for teaching and kids during the year 2001 while he was in the Philippines. For a year, he worked with orphans as well as middle school and high school students teaching them English and spending time with them as mentors. In 2004, he was in China teaching a Chinese kindergarten class English as their second language. He has come to discover a new passion for teaching ever since he started working in foreign countries as an English teacher for the underprivileged. He has been granted an amazing opportunity to observer and experience life at a different angle other than the comfortable and accommodating life in the United States of America. It is amazing how people that have less, struggle to learn and be educated no matter the cost in order to be successful in the future. After witnessing this amazing fight for survival, he would love to take a part in anyone’s lives that are willing to do anything to be educated and expand their minds. He wants to be the gateway for the children of America or any other countries who are willing to learn what he has to teach them.

About Stephani

Stephani Wilkes’ action research focuses on improving adult-learner self-efficacy and motivation to learn. She started in Technical Writing, but found it wasn’t her true passion, although she still enjoys it for small, freelance projects. She is exploring her options for pursuing a PhD in an educational psychology related field.

Stephani is the first person on either side of her family to pursue a graduate degree, and will most likely be the only one pursuing a doctoral degree. She is passionate about creating, organizing, and helping people feel inspired. She is intrinsically motivated to nurture others, especially those who feel lonely or lost.

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What is the Purpose of an Education?

“…to inspire people to look beyond themselves.”  –Stephani Wilkes

“…is for a society to pass knowledge on to the next generation” –Mars Severe

“…to make things easier, faster, and better.” –Brian Song

“…to ask questions.” –Simon Petri

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Favorite Quotes 

Fight, Fight, Fight and never give up! Winston Churchill (from Mars)

CHINESE BLESSING “May you always have enough happiness to keep you sweet; enough trials to keep you strong; enough success to keep you eager; enough faith to give you courage; and enough determination to make each day a good day.” (from Stephani)

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 What was the last thing you made?

The last thing I made was someone smile probably, but the last item I made was a 3D printed owl. I didn’t design it, but I chose the settings to make it hollow so that it was light weight. –Stephanie

Moodle site to assist ESL students with learning pronunciation. –Mars

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 What are you learning about?

How to create a Moodle site –Mars

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About a Teacher

My first and second grade teacher Mrs. Chris Lowry at Berney Elementary school in Walla Walla. She was the best teacher I ever had. I spent a lot of time sitting in her class at lunch, after school, really anything I could. I had a pretty rough childhood, especially at that age, and I was always at or a little below average in math. But I loved writing and reading, so she would use my passion for the other things to connect with me, and push me to work at math. It was my favorite part of growing up, and she inspired me to want to be a teacher. I don’t want to be an elementary school teacher because I’m not a morning person at all, but I do want to help adults who need help. — Stephanie

My best Teacher was my first wife who passed away too soon. She taught me to be open to new and different experiences, to trust God, and to give of myself. She lived a life of giving, service and sacrifice, while gently encouraging me to join her. –Mars

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Additional Notes


  Simon Mars Brian Stephanie
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Twitter @siguy100   @brianfurysong @stephaninichele
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Full Text Transcript – Coming Soon!

“Teaching is a performing art.” –Debby Kurti

“I knew 3D printers existed, because if you don’t know that yet, you live in a cave.” –Stephani Wilkes

“Working with a 3D printer pulls things from the ephemeral into… the tangible…  this type of technology allows you to explore ‘what if’.” –Simon Petri

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