012 – Cowboys, Innovators, and Ian Roy

012 – Cowboys, Innovators, and Ian Roy

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Ian Roy

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In This Episode

Our guest this week is Ian Roy. Ian is deeply involved establishing a makerspace on the campus of Brandeis University. They are about six months into their odyssey and are having a great time. Their first serious project has been with the E-nabling The Future  mission to 3D print prosthetic hands for those who need them. He is also the research technology project lead and helps with odd work-flow analysis issues.

In the great inventor secrets this week we talk about cowboys and innovation.  Come find out the connection!

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Guest Bio

Ian Roy is the Research Technology Project Lead and Technical Jedi in the Desktop Computing group in Brandeis University’s Library and Technology Services organization. He works with researchers to overcome the technological hurdles they encounter in their workflows, top to bottom, and is constantly running local pilots in new technologies to address their needs. His work touches on desktop/laptop/server break-fix, digital forensics and security tools, institutional storage of Big Data, Cloud collaboration and backup in a Big Data context, and many of the new toolsets in the Maker community, including support of touch and gesture inputs, multiple displays, VR headsets, 3D printing, 3D scanning, and embedded systems (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Electronic IMP). Ian was the project lead in developing both the Research Technology department and the MakerLab at Brandeis.

Ian is descended from samurai and has studied Japanese sword for over 10 years. He is also a Brandeis alumnus, graduating in 2005 with dual majors in Philosophy and Economics and a concentration in Film Studies. From 2005 to 2010, he worked for a high end jeweler in downtown Los Angeles as the in-house photographer. He has a strong background in digital photography, digital fabrication, and new media marketing. He has also read and pitched around 1000 screenplays as a professional reader at a small boutique Los Angeles-based production company. He now coaches the Brandeis Ski Team, a team on which he was a 2 year captain during his undergraduate career. He is also the staff advisor to Deis3D.org, the Brandeis 3D printing club.

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Additional Notes

 Links mentioned in the podcast:

Great Inventor secrets

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Text Transcript

 Coming Soon!

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