011 – Thanksgiving Episode – Suzie Ama, Cerro Coso Community College

011 – Thanksgiving Episode – Suzie Ama, Cerro Coso Community College

Image: Suzie Ama


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In This Episode – 11/27/14

In this week’s episode we have a harrowing tale, a story of honor and duty, and some words for reflection at this time of year. We also interview Suzie Ama, professor of media arts at Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest, CA. Suzie has some thoughts about lifelong learning and what it means to be educated in a modern world.

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Guest Bio

Suzie Ama has been a professor at Cerro Coso Community College for 15 years, and she teaches web design and development and computer literacy in the Business and Information Technology Department. She also teaches the college’s Online Faculty Training course, which trains new faculty in technologies, learning theory, and best practices for teaching online. She has served as Curriculum and Instruction Chair, Student Learning Outcome Assessment Coordinator, Accreditation Steering Committee Standard II Co-chair, Department Faculty Chair, and (currently) Program Review Chair.

Her teaching philosophy is based on the need to equip students to become lifelong learners. After students finish a program of study, whatever their terminal degree may be, they will need to be adept at keeping skills and knowledge current in a rapidly changing knowledge economy. This is greatly facilitated by engaging with a worldwide community of learners in one’s discipline. Suzie incorporates small-group learning opportunities in her classroom to equip students with communication and collaboration skills that will make them effective lifelong learners.

Suzie has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from American Intercontinental University and a Masters of Science in Education with emphasis in Online Teaching and Learning from California State University East Bay. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Nutrition from University of Bridgeport. In addition to Web technology, learning theory, and human nutrition, Suzie is also very interested in topics pertaining to philosophy, theology, ecology, economics, and sustainability. She also enjoys vegetable gardening, yoga, hiking, and distance running.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/suzanneama

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Additional Notes

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Text Transcript

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