Educating Makers: The First Step to Revolutionary Change [Resources]

Educating Makers: The First Step to Revolutionary Change [Resources]

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]able Top Inventing’s Chief Maker and Resident Mad Scientist, Steve Kurti is delivering an impassioned plea at the Inside 3D Printing Conference in New York City about the importance of maker education as a catalyst of world change. 

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aker Education inspires the acquisition of relevant skills, collaborative learning strategies, and technical confidence. This powerful learning approach, encouraged by educational theorists, will create superior learners and ultimately a globally competitive army of innovators. The rise of consumer-focused 3D printers has strongly promoted Maker Education in the classroom, but it will take more than shiny new technology for true world domination. The power of Maker Education can only be unlocked by constructivist educators and technical experts working together to inspire authentic learning. Keeping students engaged and curious, this combination of expert educators, technical knowledge, and powerful tools reinforces deeper learning, natural strengths, and collaborative strategies. The skills and insights created by Maker Education will inspire learners to rise to the top and compete for world domination. We encourage both private and enterprise-level participation in this movement to impact learners sooner and in more meaningful, constructive ways. Join us for an enlightening session and learn how you can help to shape the future of education and change the world!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is a call for you to get involved. If you are a Maker, band together with other makers and help your local school get a makerspace going. If you are an executive or a manager, start a program at your company to partner with local schools to start makerspaces. Then lend your Scientists, Engineers, Creative Thinkers, and Problem Solvers to the school a couple of times a semester to tinker in the makerspace along with the students. The world is changing, and in order to stay competitive, we must light this idea on fire.  Shout it from PTA meetings, have lunch with local school superintendents, support innovative teachers in need of mentors and sponsors.

[box type=”alert” size=”large”]If you are not a Maker yet, [highlight]BECOME A MAKER![/highlight] Go look for makerspaces in your area. Get involved! Make things! We don’t need any more consumers. We have plenty of them already. Become a creator. Come join the revolution! Be a Maker! It’s time for Revolution! [highlight]Ask us how![/highlight][/box]

Become a maker and partner with a local school to create a thriving educational makerspace!

Presentation Resources:

3D Printing Expo Shows an Industry Focused on Innovation by Michelle Maisto. 3D printing offers significant business benefits, say its enthusiasts, but also the potential to create a generation of deeper thinkers. Steve Kurti, the chief executive maker at Table Top Inventing, during his session, “Educating Makers: The First Step to Revolutionary Change,” highlighted what’s arguably the most exciting and world-changing thing about 3D printing: It can change the way the next generation learns, thinks and approaches the world. –
Presentation Audio and Video. How can we get a better workforce, more innovative problem solvers, and an improved economy? Watch this video to find out!  This presentation was originally given at the Inside 3D Printing Conference in NYC, April 3, 2014. This conference was put on by MediaBistro. We want to extend a great big thank you to Stewart Quealey at MediaBistro for inviting us to give this presentation! We’d also like to thank Ben Roberts from ModFab in Australia for sharing his audio/video feed with us to add to this video.

Ready for a Revolution?

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Connor’s Bugs – One of Clark Barnett’s 4th grade students created a stop action video with his 3D printed bugs. Guest stars Ellen DeGeneres.

Connor’s Bugs


Steve’s Open Source Science Project Idea – Steve helped a student build a device known as an electrospinner.  The purpose of this device is to make nanofibers. Read more about it here:

Firing up the Electrospinner for the first time!
Table Top Inventing is a green company powered by wind.
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Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now that I have that out... I can get to work. For as long as I can remember, I have been making things. This habit used to be called "Inventing" but has lately been repurposed by the Maker community with the term "Maker". While there are some subtle differences between Inventing and Making, I have discovered my passion for both by inspiring a new generation of Makers. In this quest to spark creative thinking and problem solving through practical and exciting projects, I draw on my background in biomedical research, high energy fiber laser development, and 15 years of building laboratory devices. As an experimental physicist with a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, I have seen research and development from many angles and am now bringing that experience to middle school and high school students who want to make everything from catapults to cybernetic augmentations. Through the medium of Making and Inventing, students are transformed from passive observers of education to active learners. This powerful shift fosters deep insights, creative expression, collaborative thinking and a host of other skills that are difficult to learn in traditional settings. Along with my wife Debby, an accomplished constructivist educator, I am on a quest to transform education and am looking for like-minded collaborators to bring hands-on learning to future generations.

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  1. “….constructivist educators and technical experts working together to inspire authentic learning”……………..what a wonderful thing you are doing. I am a retired Ops Mgr 20 years experience in Electronic Semi-C Company striving to enter into the world of 3D Printer education…… and adults both, NO RESTRICTIONS LOL (I’m still bummed I can’t attend BOOTCAMP!). Teaching our youth to make things is wonderful, but there will need to be an education platform for users that don’t yet know what this is all about!

    Thank you for what you are doing!


    • Thank you Pamela! We appreciate the words of encouragement. We believe strongly in what we are doing and it’s always nice to see others get excited about it also. I’m just curious… how did you happen to find this page?

      Warmest regards,

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