Curiosity Clubs – Summer 2020

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Curiosity Clubs: Fun, Friendship, and Lots of Learning!

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Don’t let a virus steal your summer fun!

Have fun with friends, meet new friends, and learn cool new skills. If you are tired of the same boring Zoom calls, let us help you ACTUALLY connect with friends while having fun and learning. Yes it’s online, Yes we’ll be using Zoom, NO it will NOT be boring!

We already had students test out our clubs, and the overwhelming response was “thank you for helping me stay connected with my friends”, “thank you for challenging my brain while I was stuck at home”, “thank you for helping me meet new friends.”

Here are the clubs we are offering this summer:

We will keep the kids busy, help them stay connected with friends, and keep their minds active in the process. Everybody wins and the virus loses!!

Sign language (ASL)

Get together every week to learn American Sign Language. Learn to introduce yourself, have simple conversations, and be helpful to your deaf and hard of hearing friends and neighbors.

Sign Language Club

Art Club

Create new Art every week, share it with encouraging friends and teachers, and improve your artistic skills. Join this supportive community and discover the power of encouragement to improve your art.

Art Club Icon

Minecraft® Club

Join a group of enthusiasts who love building challenges, video chatting while playing, and meeting new friends who love Minecraft ® as much as you do. Get together every week and collaborate on fun projects while learning new tricks. Note: Students must already have access to a Java or Bedrock version to participate. If purchasing Minecraft to participate in this club, the Java edition (needs desktop or laptop) gives students the best experience, but Education editions/versions will not work unfortunately.

Minecraft Icon

Big Idea Club (K-5 and 6-12)

If you just want to hang out with friends, chill online, and have fun, The Big Idea Clubs will connect you with friends your age in fun conversations and spur of the moment challenges.

Big Idea Club Icon

Fitness Club

If you are tired of the couch, get moving with the Fitness Club. Friends will help you stay motivated and share new ways to practice staying healthy. Weekly encouragement to stay active during quarantine.

Fitness Club - Handstands


Register Now! | Descriptions | Schedule | What Students Say


What Do Students Say?

This spring we launched a series of Curiosity Clubs and the kids LOVED them! They overwhelmingly asked us to bring them back for the summer so that’s exactly what we are going to do. Read through some of their comments in the image slider below to see what they thought about the experience!

What Do Parents Say?

Summer 2020 Schedule

Summer Clubs 2020


Click here to register for Classes Today!

Register Now! | Descriptions | Schedule | What Students Say

Our 7-Point Pledge To You and Your Child:

  • Create a Safe Environment: Parents, you can have peace of mind that your child will be learning at Mach speed and be as safe as if playing they’re playing in your own driveway.
  • Expand the Mind: Your kids will come out of Summer Curiosity Clubs with bigger ideas. It’s like Emerson once said: “The mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”
  • Protect and Cultivate Dreams: Every great project, movement, or product was once just a dream. We inspire and protect dreams at Curiosity Clubs. Your child will be encouraged and affirmed to dream.
  • Invent Relevant Challenges: We’ll use today’s best technology and ideas to engage your child and contextualize their projects.
  • Respect All and Play Nice: We believe in respect. We respect students and insist they respect each other.
  • Inspire Maximum Learning: Club members often say, “My brain is on fire!” because the environment, tools, and challenges keep their mind at redline throughout our time together.
  • Leave a Carry-Over Effect: A parent once told us that Curiosity Clubs has a “carry-over effect.” The learning isn’t just a flash in the pan. As a result, many of our club members have signed up for challenging college computer classes, changed plans for college majors, and considered new career choices.

Open Enrollment

Curiosity Clubs are open to all school-aged public, private, charter, and independent students in the area. We are vendors for a number of local homeschool charter schools and accept purchase orders and certificates.

If you will be using homeschool charter funds to pay for clubs, or would like to discuss alternative payment methods (cash, check, scholarships, payment plans, or a combo of any of the above) contact Debby directly for the registration link and to work out details. We want your Curious Kids to be able to participate!! (debbyATdevinnovatorsDOTcom).

Register Now! | Descriptions | Schedule | What Students Say

Using PayPal Checkout Screen
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We are using the PayPal checkout system to streamline registration. Once you select a session and a club, add in the Student’s First and Last Name and click the “Add to Cart” button. You can use the Continue Shopping link in the upper right corner of the PayPal cart page to come back here and add another student or an additional club.

When you are all done, use the “Check Out” buttons to submit payment. That should redirect you to the Student Registration page that will allow us to verify enrollment and create an account on our learning management system.

If you run into any issues, please contact us! The chat bot in the lower right corner is always available to help!

Make your selections below:

Important – if you are signing up for Art or Minecraft, there is no additional charge to add the Big Idea Club. Leave it out of the paypal cart and then add it in when you get to the registration form.

Session 1: July 13-Aug 7
Student’s First & Last Name

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