After School Programs


afterschool_icon_500Our purpose is to inspire a generation of kids to be tinkerers, explorers, innovators, and deep thinkers by helping them develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset they need to become world changers! It’s a big mission, but one we believe in passionately!


Course Offerings: We are continually brainstorming and developing innovative ideas for new courses. Below are just two examples of classes we offer. Make sure to sign up for the After School Program email list to find out about current and upcoming classes!

“Make a Killer Arduino Minecraft Controller”

Description:  Students will use the Arduino microprocessor, sensors, a little 3D printing, and huge helpings of creativity to serve up some very cool, custom Minecraft controllers.  The workshop will cover basic circuitry, basic programming, and sensor readings.  This 10 week course is aimed at students excited about Minecraft and interested in programming with the emphasis on the programming. Students will be required to purchase a take-home kit in addition to class tuition.  Students should budget extra time outside class for maximum effect.

Target Grade: 6th grade and older

“3D Printing Like a BOSS”

Description:  Students will learn about the basics of 3D printing and 3D design (both mesh and parametric CAD design).  This will all be done in the context of fun mini-projects.  Among the projects will be model rocket parts, fully functional prosthetics, art, gears, and engineering designs.  This class is for kids who love to build things, draw, sculpt, and create contraptions. Materials cost (3D printing supplies) are included in the cost of the class. Students should budget extra time outside class for maximum effect.

Target Grade: 6th grade and older. Exceptions may be made for students in 4th or 5th grades, based on individual assessment.

Sign Up Today to find out about upcoming classes in your area. We can’t wait to inspire your kids!


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